Power of One Report - September 2019

Power of One Report

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI members listed below who scored 60 or more points in September 2019. You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Each Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month

BNI Down to Business Randy Brickman 90
BNI Advantages Diane Dries 85
BNI Confidence Mark Dana 85
BNI Infinite Exchange Ronald Starrantino 85
BNI Achievers Network Grace Borrani 80
BNI Business Advantage Alan J. Schneider 80
BNI Business Masters Marisol Rivera-Placido 80
BNI Infinite Exchange Michael A. Ferruggia, Esq. 80
BNI Network One Tana McGuire 80
BNI Business Solutions Barbara Bodnar 75
BNI Enterprise Nadine M. Schneider 75
BNI Phoenix Risa B. Hoag 75
BNI Achievers Network Joyce James 70
BNI Achievers Network Diane Pratt 70
BNI Business Masters Taly Ron 70
BNI Confidence Jeannie Jackson 70
BNI Confidence Joe Sacks 70
BNI Down to Business Vick Ramdeen 70
BNI Down to Business Mitchell Coven 70
BNI Enterprise Stephanie Dolce 70
BNI Infinite Exchange Timothy Wan 70
BNI Infinite Exchange David DiSunno 70
BNI Sound Shore Angela Pearson 70
We Mean Business BNI Steven J. Troccoli 70
BNI Advantages Sonia Thompson 65
BNI Business Boosters Grant Schneider 65
BNI Business Masters Robert Loew 65
BNI Business Network Leaders Scott van Niekerk 65
BNI Business Networkers Laurie Weisz 65
BNI Business Networkers Heidi Romano 65
BNI Business Networkers Michael Weinstein 65
BNI Confidence Mark Mallek 65
BNI Done Deals Stephen Bonfa 65
BNI Done Deals Judith Manzione 65
BNI Down to Business Marty Albanese 65
BNI Infinite Exchange Michael Beck 65
BNI Island Business Referrals John Pammer 65
BNI Morning Money Makers Randy Mulder 65
BNI Morning Money Makers Rosemary A. Bova 65
BNI Phoenix Kimiyo Matthews 65
BNI Prefer to Refer Holly Lira 65
BNI Prefer to Refer Shannon Suppa 65
BNI 1st Resource Richard Boyle 60
BNI 1st Resource Alan Sack 60
BNI 1st Resource Ravin Chetram 60
BNI 1st Resource Dennis Cohen 60
BNI 1st Resource Sandi Polinsky 60
BNI 1st Resource Jonathan DeGorter 60
BNI 1st Resource Bruce Weinstein 60
BNI 1st Resource Kevin Allison 60
BNI 1st Resource Jay Waldhauser 60
BNI 1st Resource Robert Esposito 60
BNI 1st Resource Michelle Peralta 60
BNI 1st Resource Lawrence Chariton 60
BNI 1st Resource Betty Hauschild 60
BNI 1st Resource Daniel Kuchlik 60
BNI Achievers Network Alan Rosenbaum 60
BNI Achievers Network Avi Levine 60
BNI Advantages David Bucknor 60
BNI Business Builders Chapter Mitchell Brand 60
BNI Business Builders Chapter John Demato 60
BNI Business Networkers Marie Green 60
BNI Business Networkers Sheila Littleton 60
BNI Done Deals John Licciardello 60
BNI Done Deals Rob Perelmuter 60
BNI Down to Business Israa Ismail 60
BNI Down to Business Dennis R. Smith 60
BNI Elite Synergy Eileen Black 60
BNI Enterprise Edward Medler 60
BNI Enterprise John Inzeo 60
BNI Enterprise Christopher Haera 60
BNI Genesis Chapter J. Heinlein 60
BNI Genesis Chapter Kristin Krauskopf 60
BNI Infinite Exchange Keith Fensterer 60
BNI Infinite Exchange Rob Hirsch 60
BNI Infinite Exchange Peter Bojbasa 60
BNI Island Business Referrals Joseph Palumbo 60
BNI Island Business Referrals Tiffany Annunziata 60
BNI Island Business Referrals Lindsay Covello 60
BNI Meadow's Edge Referral Network David Bailey 60
BNI Meadow's Edge Referral Network Nina Algeri 60
BNI Phoenix Abbey Hernandez 60
BNI Pinnacle Chapter David Hecht 60
BNI Pinnacle Chapter Amy Williamson 60
BNI Prefer to Refer Dennis Surmanek 60

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